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Hi, I'm Jenn ^.^

someone who sleeps more than they should and can be quite talkative once I get comfortable ^^ Well if you read this I hope you have a lovely day and find a reason to smile >w<

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I suppose in the end it’s almost too easy to look back and say what you should have done, how you might have changed things. What’s harder - what’s much, much harder - is to accept what you actually did do.
Peter Hook, Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division (via mommylevi)

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accomplishment: making a cat sound at a cat and the cat makes a cat sound back

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i get really happy when it’s not me who starts the conversation because that removes so much anxiety about whether i’m bothering the person or if they secretly hate me even if i know that’s not true 

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i’m staring off into space not at you

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the username wars are over. the last and greatest one has been found. finally, we can rest

they follow him everywhere

This speaks to me on a personal level. Nothing has ever described me better.




That looks like the “gods” are having a rave in the clouds

all hail the glow cloud

all hail the glow cloud

all hail the glow cloud

we have a new record for the most dramatic zoom